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What's going on right now

Went to the doctor and got some medicine to help me with acid reflux. This is important to get under control if I want to record stuff so I definitely want to get to the bottom of it.

Other news, fiance and I are finally getting married after being engaged for like, six years. Going to Panama City Beach and getting married on the beach! ;3

Last bit of news, slowly but surely working on Into the Deep, writing a little bit here and there.

Pgae of Tpoys

Today's Tpoy:
Someone pushed him and Val to the ground, out of the day.


Writer's Block: Avast, me hearties!

If you were a pirate, where would your hideout be and what would it look like?

Me hideout would be deep in the deepest swamps where there be giant man eating bilge-rats guarding me stash of loot and me base of err...swashbuckling.  The hideout be so secret and so hard to get to that meself can't even get to it sometimes...  It would be a large shack made from sticks and rocks, with a roof made from the skins of krackens, the lingering stench of which would keep away the bilge-rats.  There would be a moat around it filled with green swamp muck and swimming with kelpies that would eat any man alive who fell in. That's how I lost me leg!

Pre Spring Cleaning Event

Okay, so for whoever is still out there, you will notice I have deleted all of my journal entries.  Phew!  Took about thirty minutes to do, since you have to click each one and click delete.  I decided they are all old, some depressing, some grossly outdated, and I didn't want them here anymore.  From now on this place is going to act as another outlet for posting my writing, and most journal entries are going to be primarily focused towards the status of writing, and sometimes art.  Personal involvement may involve anecdotes from my week or why I have been busy, but there will no longer be any depressing entries, as I noticed flipping through them there were many.  So, here's to a fresh start, and may it be a good one!  I am going to be going through and possibly overhauling my story, Into the Deep and making some major changes, possibly making it longer.  Not sure if I will be able to add anything really to it, but I would like to try.  In either case, it will be the first story I post up here, so watch for it in the coming weeks.



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